Therapeutic Herbal Remedies
For Stress

Healthful herbal remedies for stress assist in preventing burnout as well as in treating a wide variety of ailments prone to develop from overload.

A vast amount of knowledge has been gained with medicinal plants over the centuries. In more recent times herbal adaptogens have been extensively studied as stress relief herbs.

Their normalizing effect and other distinct qualities, plus the unique energetics of complementary herbs, makes ideal herbal remedies for stress conditions.

The broad range of health benefits offered by combining these natural substances cover almost every distressed area of the body.

A highly supportive, ‘whole-body’ stress relief formula of vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, and other nutrients are essential because our underlying health problems are oftentimes very interrelated.

Herbs for Stress

All true adaptogen herbs are non-toxic. They are viewed as safe and effective broad-spectrum tonics that give excellent everyday support when needed. Tonics work best when taken in the morning. Prime examples might include: Asian or American Ginseng, Rhodiola, Eleuthero, Schisandra, and Ashwagandha.

-- See the Herbal Remedy Index, a list of adaptogenic herbs that can actually normalize hormonal imbalances and re-regulate biological systems—especially the all-important immune and neuroendocrine systems (including the HPA axis).

Nervines are calming herbs. You may be familiar with some in leading herbal relaxant teas like: Chamomile, St. John’s wort, Lemon balm, Linden, and Passionflower.

Nootropics are seen as memory enhancers useful for cerebral stimulation, brain fog, mental/emotional well-being, and improving mood. Several of these are: Lavender, Bacopa, Gotu kola, Rosemary, and Yuan zhi.

Natural Home Remedies for Stress Relief

Throughout the world millions of people are using these types of products for natural stress relief on a daily basis.

Some individual herbs can exhibit two or more interchangeable or overlapping functions. Knowing what influence “simples” have on the body is first and foremost. Be sure to follow the recommended dose for any supplements you buy on your own—do not assume more is better!

Note that single ingredient herbal stress remedies can target a specific malady, organ, or system within the body. With folklore medicine, a reliable herbal remedy is commonly taken this way and can have very good results. However, in the art of traditional medicines, two or more compatible herbs are most likely intermixed so that they have the ability to work synergistically and improve an overall effect.

An herbal remedy for stress can be very effective when skillfully combined into a formula designed to meet an individual’s special needs.

For an all-out herbal anti stress defense to enhance healing...

Consider herbal remedies for stress related ailments like these:

  • adrenal fatigue
  • anxiety
  • arthritis
  • depression
  • headache
  • hypertension
  • insomnia
  • migraines
  • muscle relaxant
  • pain

DID YOU KNOW: The World Health Organization reports that approximately 75% of the world’s population depend on botanical medicines for its basic health care needs.

In the U.S., the FDA still classifies herbs as dietary supplements. Manufacturers are prohibited to claim that their products are effective in treating or preventing diseases.

Chyavanprash – A Famous Ayurvedic Formula:

Often called “The Elixir of Life”, this well-known rejuvenating tonic is a suitable herbal remedy for stress, strengthening the immune, endocrine and nervous systems.

This thick, sweet, jam-like elixir is sometimes spread on crackers or bread. It contains nearly fifty different ingredients. Among them are: Amla, Guduchi, Licorice, and Shatavari.

Herbs for stress relief are chosen to nourish, rejuvenate, strengthen, protect and even re-regulate various body systems. But let’s be real… they are not a cure-all!

Chronic bad habits of losing your temper, inadequate sleep, lack of daily exercise, an existence on junk food, and pushing yourself beyond reasonable limits certainly adds to the burden.

What herbal remedies for stress can provide is a logical and convenient approach to those situations that we simply cannot change or escape from in order to resist, recover and help prevent stress-induced disease.

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