Mindfulness Exercises
In Everything You Do

Mindfulness exercises that bring your whole attention into each action you take is a form of meditation in itself.

With your mind’s full awareness on the present moment, you leave the cares and worries of the day behind. Feelings from overwhelm or tedium shift toward more desirable moods of accomplishment and appreciation.

Focusing on the ‘here and now’ filters out all other distractions and ushers in the relaxation response. It gives the brain a break from endless thinking and a chance to recover from life’s demands and chaos.

Mindfulness exercises teach you to be less impulsive and reactive to your thoughts. You learn to deal with each moment as it arises, calmly and stress free. It also opens the door to gain personal insight, transformation and healing.

What Is Mindfulness vs. MindLESSness?

Advances in technologies that permit us to do several tasks at once, in many ways have made our awareness in modern times dull and fragmented. As a result, we rarely do anything with our fullest attention.

Mindlessness is like being on “auto-pilot”… a sense of living mechanically without any real focus as to what you’re actually doing, thinking or feeling.

This inattention can result in missed opportunities and not being in-tune with really important matters about your life, relationships, or even your own health.

The increased awareness of mindful meditation purposely directs attention to restore a sense of balance within the essence of one’s self… mind and body, heart and soul.

Basic Mindfulness Skills

Mindfulness for beginners who may not have the patience to just sit… or for people who otherwise cannot fully commit to other types of meditation readily turn everyday happenings into mindfulness exercises.

Some suggestions:

  • Focus your mind and body entirely on what you are doing this very moment, letting distractions fade around you.
  • Learn to use ALL of your senses to their fullest and allow yourself to become more deeply and completely aware of what it is you are genuinely sensing.
  • Find and closely observe the beauty and worth in everything, everyone, and in all you do… no matter how mundane the activity.
  • Develop self-awareness in the relationship between your thoughts and the emotions that follow—reflect on how this affects your mental and physical states.

Practicing Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness exercises develop from following a sequence of steps:

Most meditation starts with the breath. Use it as an "anchor" to gently bring awareness back to the constant rhythm and reality of the present moment when the mind wanders. (See diaphragmatic breathing)

#2). As that stabilizes and you relax, broaden your focus to include body sensations—i.e. touch, pressure, tension, temperature.

#3). You can further expand to observe all aspects of awareness. Examine without judgment all that is present around you. This means whatever you hear, see, taste, smell, touch, or even think.

A fresh perspective can make any task or routine more rewarding and meaningful. Make an effort to find opportunities to do simple mindful exercises in your day-to-day life.

It might be something routine like:

  • Stopping at a red light in the car
  • Waiting in line at the grocery store
  • Out mindful walking the dog
  • Time spent in the bath or shower
  • Pleasures in eating a meal
  • Doing any job or chore

One favorite mindfulness exercise… no, actually two that are very mind-settling are to…

  • Watch the dawn of a new day emerge with all the brilliance of color and sounds of nature that slowly awaken and come alive.
  • Experience the tranquil beauty of a sunset at day's end winding down to give rest and renew all things again.


A wise man,
Watching the stars pass across the sky,
In the upper air the fireflies move more slowly.

~Amy Lowell

With mindfulness exercises, nothing should be forced to happen. Relax, observe and just allow things to flow—into and out of your awareness.

Once you recognize what thoughts surface and how you actually feel, you can avoid reacting negatively to everyday situations.

You come to appreciate everything around you and begin to notice and understand the emotions that arise. You can generate a feeling of gratitude when you stop and look at things more intricately.

Mindfulness exercises can help you to develop better thoughts on stress free living.

Rest in this tranquil state of just being as often as possible. Watch the joys of life unfold and transform your world.

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