Natural Stress Relief:
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Pure and natural stress relief. Sounds oh, so heavenly, doesn’t it?

Rest assured… that elusive state of bliss you’re longing for really does exist.

Many folks try to cope but fall short of ever experiencing the kind of genuine relief they need.

Time spent doing the things you love, taking proper care of yourself and keeping the right mental attitude are the best natural stress reducers.

Being constantly stressed-out—without relief—is notorious for packing on the pounds, speeding up the aging process and increasing risk for things like hypertension, heart disease, type II diabetes and even Alzheimer’s.

All natural stress relief activities and remedies make holistic healing and health a fun and easy way to balance things out.

Most don’t involve drastic lifestyle changes—even the smallest of steps can make a world of difference!

Natural Ways To Relieve Stress

~Start With 3 Essentials~

Basics in self-care and its natural stress reliever principles each aid in achieving a permanent solution, improving the way you want to feel both mentally and physically.

  • Exercise – Stress reduction exercises relieve mental and muscle tension keeping the mind/body healthy.
  • Sleep – How important is it? Sleep and stress relief… improve one and the other substantially improves too.
  • Nutrition – The relationship between stress and nutrition. Know what triggers certain food cravings, what foods to eat & which ones to avoid.

Natural Remedies for Stress

~It Does A Body Good~

Divine Nature in all its bounty provides extraordinary nurturing and the best natural stress remedies enabling you to flourish…

"All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it."


Adaptogenic herbs - especially well suited to normalize functions of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

Natural stress relief food – Do you know what wholesome foods contain the best vitamins for stress?

Specialized diet – A holistic diet would benefit most of us but a special adrenal fatigue diet may be what’s needed.

Supplements – A multi-vitamin stress relief formula can cover all the bases, which diet alone may lack. Amazing adaptogen herbs are scientifically proven to be a natural supplement for stress.

Antioxidants benefits – Protects cells from damaging free radicals of stress. A unique “master glutathione antioxidant” maximizes the effects of all other antioxidants.

Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy stress reduction is quite successful using the scent of plant’s essential oils to minimize tension and elevate mood.

Natural Stress Relief Activities

~What Better Ways To Relax…~

The mind and body were designed to function as a whole and together flow harmoniously. Most people inadvertently work against it.

Music – Listen to your favorite music and stress levels magically fall and your mood lifts. Music to relax by can be as individual as you!

Inspiration – Inspirational readings can offer a new perspective and bring natural stress and anxiety relief for your peace of mind.

Nature – Oh, the mesmerizing sights and relaxation sounds that only nature can offer.

Humor - Stress relief and the therapeutic benefits of laughter.

Social relationships – Connecting with others in nurturing relationships help lighten the load, unwind and have fun.

Relaxation activities – Leisure time around the home doing things you enjoy—hobbies, writing in a journal, or just plain puttering elicit the relaxation response.

Healthy sex – A loving and satisfying sex life with your partner reduces tension, improves mood and fare better under pressure.

Pets and stress relief – Pet ownership can help the stressed-out by encouraging times for exercise, relaxation and comfort.

Natural Relaxants

~Restoration and Healing~

Finding natural cures for stress help manage the disturbing hormonal imbalances that wreak havoc and plague our bodies to the point of illness.

Yoga – The medical benefits of yoga for relaxation and well-being are unsurpassed.

Massage – A body works massage can do wonders calming the mind and relaxing the entire body.

Stress and meditation – Why do doctors often recommend meditation to their patients—how can it benefit you?

Natural muscle relaxer – Epsom salt is one of Grandma’s favorite household items that promise relief and a lot more.

Deep breathing technique – A quick and easy way to calm nerves and lower tension.

Progressive muscle relaxation – This technique is great for releasing muscular body tension.

No matter who you are, natural stress relief renews and energizes those everyday conditions of bodily or mental distress.

Allow yourself to recover from the hectic pressure-driven responsibilities and fast-paced living that we are so accustomed to. People who fixate on goal-oriented activities have heart attacks! Intent that focus strictly on getting somewhere or getting something, just don’t nurture.

There are endless possibilities for natural stress relief… things you can do right NOW to chill out and take the edge off. No excuses!

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