Types Of Meditation
For Stress Relief

There are countless types of meditation techniques to explore that can be a superb stress management activity for you. Each is sufficient in creating a placid ambience to de-stress, uplift, and enlighten your tired spirit.

-- Would you like to feel less anxious, less tense and better able to resist stress?

-- How about feeling happier—more optimistic, self-confident, energetic and more productive?

Not all types of meditation are meant for every individual—but there are certain kinds that would appeal to just about anyone’s style or circumstance.

Stress And Meditation

While some people certainly learn how to meditate to enhance and deepen their spiritual growth, others practice outside its religious setting for health and wellness purposes.

Any meditation used for stress management is a tremendous help in training the ‘monkey mind’ to behave and be still. In other words, quieting the mental-chatter… that persistent self-talk we all do that often interferes with inner peace.

Daily meditating trains your mind to transfer beneficial attitudes of calm, happiness, appreciation and love into everyday circumstances and interactions.

The Two Foundational Types Of Meditation:

Concentrative Meditation – narrows our attention to focus on the breath, an image, object, or sound (mantra) in order to still the mind and allow a higher awareness and clarity to emerge.

Mindful Meditation – opens our attention and awareness to the perpetual passing of sensations, feelings, thoughts, images, sounds and smells without evaluation or judgment.

Various Meditation Types
Especially Beneficial For Stress:

  • Awareness Meditation – a practice of moment-to-moment observation of the world and one’s surroundings as they truly are. Promotes a clear, stable awareness of thoughts without judgment.
  • Japa Meditation – repetition of a Sanskrit term or word (mantra) using the rotation of a beaded Mala or rosary. Considered very effective for stress and tension.
  • Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta) – a heartfelt wish of well-being and happiness to yourself and then extending out to all others. Reinforces emotions of kindness, compassion, appreciation and love.
  • Passage Meditation – the use of spiritual or inspirational passages supported by 7 disciplines that fit any religious or nonreligious philosophy enabling us to stay calm, kind and focused.
  • Transcendental Meditation TM® – a widely researched and practiced 7-step program that gives each student a personal sound or mantra using a comfortable sitting technique with closed eyes.
  • Vipassana Meditation (Insight) – mindfulness that sheds light on the subtlest workings of your mind and brings the true nature of reality into focus to have a deeper interconnection between mind and body.

Types Of Meditation
Involving Movement:

  • Yoga - The health benefits of Yoga and stress relief are clear and conclusive. The movement meditation of doing Yoga relaxation techniques (asana postures) and prana breathing (pranayama) allow you to dramatically reduce stressful tension from the mind and body.
  • Qigong/T’ai Chi - If you’re attracted to the martial arts, learning meditation relaxation activities like Qigong exercise steps or T’ai Chi movements might be preferred. This trend continues to grow in popularity—especially gentle T’ai Chi for seniors.

Tao Meditation is additionally useful for releasing daily stress, in feeling grounded and having a sense of belonging as one with nature, the universe and other human beings.

A modest walking meditation might easily be woven into your day, but how about something more elaborate as labyrinth walking or meditative dance?

Simple Meditation For Beginners

Most of the traditional types of meditation come from ancient religious origins. But you don’t have to become a Buddhist monk or sit lotus-style for hours in Zen practices to reap its fabulous rewards.

From devout meditative prayer to the ones that are quite casual and unregimented, it’s a matter of what fits your nature and/or purpose.

Plain meditative breathing can be surprisingly effective on its own or used while focusing on something specific, like an object or meditation chant.

That serene peace of mind can also be found in the midst of doing ordinary activities. Things you may now see as routine and mundane can easily be turned into mindfulness exercises for deep self relaxation.

Perhaps your favorite pastime or hobby is gardening, painting, or needlecrafts… Walking, jogging, doing repetitive sports like biking or swimming—all can become meditative!

People naturally seek out a relaxation activity when they feel stressed…

Listening to music, journaling, inspirational readings, or watching the flickering of a flame or fire... Each work similarly in that they focus your mind and lower the normal beta brain wave activity into a meditative state of alpha.

Audio Or Guided Types Of Meditation

Guided Relaxation Meditations are excellent narrated forms of meditation using instruction, stories, imagery, music and natural sound effects in a range of formats from MP3 downloads, CDs and DVDs. Just relax, focus and follow along.

Brain Wave Entrainment – audio CD programs are all the rage! Uses binaural beats to synchronize brain waves and alter their frequencies into specific states of consciousness. This enables one to reach a deeper meditation state much faster than ever before.

The different types of meditation methods to consider are virtually endless.

Start to enjoy the simple pleasures of your existence… at a much deeper level.

You are only limited by your imagination.

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